IC khuếch đại thuật toán dùng chung JRC4558D

IC khuếch đại thuật toán dùng chung JRC4558D

Mã sản phẩm: VP872
Giá bán: 4.000 đ
Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Datasheet JRC4558D

Thông tin sản phẩm

     IC khuếch đại thuật toán dùng chung JRC4558D. The JRC4558D integrated circuit are a dual high-gain operational amplifier internally compensated and constructed on a single silicon chip using an advanced epitaxial process.

     Combining the features of the JNJM741 with the close parameter matching and tracking of a dual device on a monolithic chip result in unique performance characteristics. Excellent channel separation allow the use of the dual device in single NJM741 operational amplifier applications providing density. It is especially well suited for applications in differential-in, differential-out as well as in potentiometric amplifiers and when gain and phase matched channels are mandatory.

Continous Short Circuit Protection

Wide Common Mode and Differential Voltage Rangers

No frequency compensation Required

No latch-up

Unity gain bandwith                                                                  3MHz

Gain and phase match between amplifiers

Low noise

Operating Voltage                                                                      ± 4V ÷ ± 18V

Input Voltage                                                                              ± 15V

High Voltage Gain                                                                       100dB

Open loop gain                                                                              86dB

High Input Resistance                                                                  5MΩ

Packege Outline                                             DIP8, DMP8, SIP8, SSOP8

Bipolar Technology

Number of Channels                                                                       2

Operating Temprature                                                        -40 đến 85

Slew Rate                                                                                     1.7 V/us

Input Offset Voltage                                                                 0.5 mV

Input Offset Current                                                                    5 nA

Input Bias Current                                                                     25 nA

Maximum Output Voltage swing 1

Maximum Output Voltage sswing 2

Operating Current

Large Signal Voltage Gain

Common Mode Rejection Ratio

Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio


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